Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year's card

I had a vision in my head as I sometimes do and go searching all over Austin to find what i'm looking for to make that vision onto paper. It has to be just right or I'm not happy and well this time it was a new year's day card that looked like it had bubbles in the background. I started out with this
It was a brainstorming session to make sure my card was going to turn out right and then I decided this was what I was going to go with . And so was born my New Year's day card that hasn't been mailed out yet because My family got an ugly stomach virus that somehow attacked me too!

It's still new years right so again "better late than never"so here is the final product.

I couldn't find anything that said "celebrate, 2008, or cheers" in the font or size I was looking for so I left the front of the card blank and embossed "happy new Year" on the inside with silver tinsel and I'm happy with the card. What do you think?


Jennifer Moore said...

I like it. Specially, the bubbly paper.

Suzette said...