Saturday, March 8, 2008

baby shower

I've been working on invitations for a upcoming baby shower and well my friend isn't into pastels so she chose brights. Wow! I had hard time functioning to this idea. I always like to look at my cards and say "I really like this" and I just couldn't do it with this card. Here a few shots of what I have and I haven't really made a final decision on the actual invite yet but well again I'm trying to grasp this whole bright color baby shower concept. I believe we're going to go with the one on the right I may tweak it a little and add some embellishment so that my mind can tell my heart that I like it.

another year

Well Feb 17 has come and gone and I'm now a year older. I've had so much happen and it saddens me that now my mom resides in Oregon. I still get teary when I write or talk about it.

Here is a pic of me, my mom and my younger sister. So needless to say I had to spend this birthday without her and it was hard cuz i can't remember the last time I had a birthday without her by my side. I had a great birthday and my wonderful sister gave me a dillards gift card, to spend at Mac cosmetics of course. Here is a pic of the cake I made for myself and only because i wanted a certain flavor and a certain filling. hmm! strawberry cake with vanilla pudding topped with strawberries as the filling. oh yeah did mention I took the first bite, and literally!!!

oh my how time has flown by

Well here we are in March already! and well I didn't even get to post all the things that went on in February such a bad blogger I promise Michelle I'll try to get better at this. I was doing so well and then time, tv got the best of me. hee hee
here are a few pics of things I worked on in Feb. We made some of those wonderful mailboxes (added some michael's $1 spot bling) for our girlfriends and then made sugar cookies dipped in chocolate and put them inside the mailboxes for a wonderful valentine's treat. Sorry again this is so late but I'll try to stay caught up.


okay i've been M I A for awhile but i was reading blogs as I always do and found this on a blog. I'm not really that good yet at this whole blog thing so i don't know how to give a link to her blog but her blog name is "listen to this" let me give credit where credit is due. I liked the way she added her signature to her posts so I thought i would try it. Oh wow! this does work thanks Katie

Saturday, January 5, 2008


well I haven't learned all the blogging or texting shortcuts but I do know DH.

So on that note looks like my DH got off to a good start for 2008. He showed up with these today.

Well I'm off to make labels to mail off cards. See ya soon

New Year's card

I had a vision in my head as I sometimes do and go searching all over Austin to find what i'm looking for to make that vision onto paper. It has to be just right or I'm not happy and well this time it was a new year's day card that looked like it had bubbles in the background. I started out with this
It was a brainstorming session to make sure my card was going to turn out right and then I decided this was what I was going to go with . And so was born my New Year's day card that hasn't been mailed out yet because My family got an ugly stomach virus that somehow attacked me too!

It's still new years right so again "better late than never"so here is the final product.

I couldn't find anything that said "celebrate, 2008, or cheers" in the font or size I was looking for so I left the front of the card blank and embossed "happy new Year" on the inside with silver tinsel and I'm happy with the card. What do you think?

Other projects

Here is a few more items I was tangled in over the holiday season. I have a friend who graduated from beauty school and we took her out to dinner and this is the card I whipped up for her.

My friend Vicki also had a birthday before xmas and I whipped up a card for her too. It was given a little late but better late than never right ? wink! wink! I have a group of girlfriends that are like family, well some of them are family LOL
my sister, sister in-law and the others well there like family so I wanted to make them a little something and so I did .

I used my new spica glitter pens, some holly stickles to go over the "merry christmas" and Voila! I had a masterpiece. I filled it with yummy chocolate chip cookies and lots of love .

Happy New Year Everyone in the blogging world! I've been MIA for awhile and it's because I got really busy and tired and not to mention sick. So here is what I've been up to. First let's go back to Christmas, I know it seems like so long ago but well I haven't posted for awhile so I have to put story and pics right? So my sister throws a Christmas eve party every year and me and a friend of mine (Suzi Q) are always in charge of sweets because we like to do the cute Martha Stewart desserts and this year we tackled the every so popular gingerbread cookie. Let me just say that I never have made or tasted gingerbread. The verdict on that is yes easy to make from scratch, well lots of ingredients but easy and I didn't care for it too much it's okay but my favorite is still oatmeal raisin. So here are a few pics of our creations.

So here is my second dessert ok it's not Martha Stewart but my family and some of my friends love my cakes and I'm known for my cute cakes.