Monday, December 17, 2007

99 Bottles

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. ha ha okay okay maybe not 99 bottles and maybe not beer but 65 empty frappucino bottles on my table. Every year around this time I like to make something cutesy for my co-workers and this year I chose these. My wonderful friend Geeta made examples and when I saw them I knew i had to make some but maybe I wasn't thinking clearly that day or did someone say "don't make those" lol yes she, Geeta, said that.

Then my friend Suzette saw Geeta's blog and had the same thought about making them for her co-workers and some for her daughter's school teachers and soon enough she racked up the number 30 and so there was 65 bottles that had to be made.

Well we knew that 4 hands were definitely better than two for this task so we attempted to do this in one sitting and to much sadness we didn't succeed but we did almost get there.

My friend packed up all her 30 bottles and headed home but I was determined to have these finished and delivered some time this week and mind you I have other projects that still need to be finished. We started these bottles on Sunday Dec. 16th and today is Dec 17 and I am happy to announce that my 35 bottles are packed up and ready to go! I even went the extra mile and made gift tags for these wonderful little bottles.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

still going

Wow! thanks for all the comments. I'm still working on the same card and I decided to add one more task, as if I didn't already have enough. I started by adding liquid applique' to the little santa suit and then dazzling diamonds before heating it gives it that crunchy feeling as Geeta would say. I learned this technique from her and absolutely love it. I started out by doing approx. 10 with that technique but then thought "this is going to take way to long" so I had a bright idea to use stickles. I love sparkle, glitter, and bling so of course i had to add it to my card. I love all the stickles colors and how you can almost used them anywhere you'd like. So I'm now waiting for the little santa suits to dry before i go on to the next task. If I get any more "bright ideas" I may never finish this card. So i'll post the journey for this card. Before I close I'd like for you to pray for my co-worker's daughter. She was in a bad accident in Kansas City and is in critical condition. Thanks

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

xmas cards

well I've been pondering blogging for awhile and not sure if could do it but I figured since I was so hooked to reading them I might as well join the blogging world. VOILA! Here I am. I saw this card on the a muse site that I had to have or should I say make. LOL

I first had to conquer the cutting of all 80 pieces for my card. I somehow always pick cards that take lots of cutting and then I'm hitting myself on the head saying "what was i thinking" but nothing that a DVR and a sofa can't fix ha ha I sat in my living room, started the DVR and the next thing you know i had finished cutting the first 40 pieces and the next day same routing but this time from the dinner table. Well the first part of a large task was finished and now to actually creating the card. Well here it is and now I have to see if the postal system is going to like or dislike it so I will send my good friend Geeta my first creation and see if I get it back. Wish me and my card luck!