Saturday, March 8, 2008

baby shower

I've been working on invitations for a upcoming baby shower and well my friend isn't into pastels so she chose brights. Wow! I had hard time functioning to this idea. I always like to look at my cards and say "I really like this" and I just couldn't do it with this card. Here a few shots of what I have and I haven't really made a final decision on the actual invite yet but well again I'm trying to grasp this whole bright color baby shower concept. I believe we're going to go with the one on the right I may tweak it a little and add some embellishment so that my mind can tell my heart that I like it.

another year

Well Feb 17 has come and gone and I'm now a year older. I've had so much happen and it saddens me that now my mom resides in Oregon. I still get teary when I write or talk about it.

Here is a pic of me, my mom and my younger sister. So needless to say I had to spend this birthday without her and it was hard cuz i can't remember the last time I had a birthday without her by my side. I had a great birthday and my wonderful sister gave me a dillards gift card, to spend at Mac cosmetics of course. Here is a pic of the cake I made for myself and only because i wanted a certain flavor and a certain filling. hmm! strawberry cake with vanilla pudding topped with strawberries as the filling. oh yeah did mention I took the first bite, and literally!!!

oh my how time has flown by

Well here we are in March already! and well I didn't even get to post all the things that went on in February such a bad blogger I promise Michelle I'll try to get better at this. I was doing so well and then time, tv got the best of me. hee hee
here are a few pics of things I worked on in Feb. We made some of those wonderful mailboxes (added some michael's $1 spot bling) for our girlfriends and then made sugar cookies dipped in chocolate and put them inside the mailboxes for a wonderful valentine's treat. Sorry again this is so late but I'll try to stay caught up.


okay i've been M I A for awhile but i was reading blogs as I always do and found this on a blog. I'm not really that good yet at this whole blog thing so i don't know how to give a link to her blog but her blog name is "listen to this" let me give credit where credit is due. I liked the way she added her signature to her posts so I thought i would try it. Oh wow! this does work thanks Katie