Monday, February 27, 2012

world of emotions

i've been MIA for quite some time. today i remembered i had a blog and ive decided to write my ups and downs and my ride on the wave of emotions. It's been 22 days since losing our precious little angel Gabriella yet the pain stills feels the same as the day she passed from my arms and into the Lord's. I began to read blogs from women who have endured this same unimaginable pain and through reading i have heard the precious Lord speaking to me and comforting me along the way. I've returned back to work and this is the beginning to my second week and keeping busy has not been a problem but the yo-yo emotions definitely have been. please forgive my rambling' missing punctuation and maybe run-on sentences. i just wanna write and not have to worry about being graded or critiqued. I hear a woman's body after giving birth takes some time to get back to the time before carrying another lil life inside of you. I have yet to experience a full nine months of pregnancy but i can say im still feeling some aches and pains which somedays lead to a stream of tears. Thank you Jesus for granting me another day to breath and experience life.